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Today's Energy market demands innovative solutions for the generation, transmission and distribution of energy with the highest levels of technology and lowest environmental impact.

CSA has over 50 years of experience in the fields of power and energy in projects that range from site selection studies, preparation of environmental impact documents and related studies, permitting, design of new power plants and repowering of existing plants, underground power cables (up to 115 KV), improvements to power plants and construction management. We have also designed cogeneration power plants (combustion turbines and diesel motors, including heat recuperation boilers and absorption chillers) for several pharmaceutical industries. CSA Group provides technical expertise and management skills coupled with the best solutions in equipment specification. We partner with our clients by providing full service capability including Site Planning and Permitting, Engineering Design, Construction Management, Operations-Startup and Environmental Services for a broad array of transmission-distribution solutions.

Our CSA Power/Energy professionals include former employees of power utilities companies with over 40 years of experience, including plants that use traditional fossil fuel Nos. 6 and 2 combustibles, coal plants with fluidized beds, combined cycle natural gas plants, hydroelectric plants, and diesel plants. We collaborated in the design and construction of a thermoelectric power plant in Panama.

At CSA, we apply our full service project delivery capabilities, along with our sustainable design capabilities, to Renewable Energy projects. Our specialized capabilities and services have allowed us to contribute to multiple Renewable Energy projects, including the first industrial scale wind farm in Puerto Rico (Santa Isabel Wind Farm, 100 MW), first Waste to Energy (WTE) projects in Puerto Rico, hydropower facilities and multiple solar farms. We provide critical services to renewable projects including program management for federal and local funds, evaluation of environmental impacts, engineering design, construction management and inspections services.

CSA Group has provided analytical and technical services in the field of energy, including design and specification of projects, project management, performance contracts, and implementation of energy conservation measures to a wide spectrum of clients, including commercial, industrial and institutional, in Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We have successfully developed hundreds of projects to improve energy efficiency, including commercial, industrial, and institutional clients. Our ample experience in providing technical services and field installation includes installation and/or remodeling of illumination systems, air conditioning systems, control systems, movement sensors, mechanical and electrical maintenance, repair, etc.

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