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CSA is capable of providing the response necessary to restore environmentally safe and economically viable conditions to areas affected by disasters. For over 20 years, CSA Group has repeatedly demonstrated our comprehensive understanding of all aspects of emergency contracts. Our experience includes Program Management/Coordination of recovery effort, damage assessments, recommendations and cost estimates, community outreach, A/E design, procurement and bidding support, inspection and construction oversight, federal reporting, and cost control. The synergy between our multi-discipline groups enhances projects with seamless delivery of multiple services, while providing a depth of experience and resources needed in a single source firm.

We have extensive experience in dealing with disasters that result in large expenditures of manpower and equipment by local, state, and federal agencies. We can provide the Disaster Management Services you need to insure recovery of all eligible costs from State and Federal Agencies charged with assisting local governments in coping with natural and man-made disasters.

Starting with Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and every subsequent hurricane affecting South Florida, we have managed over $1.5 billion of hurricane relief efforts with 100% success rate in the reimbursement of costs submitted to Federal Agencies, involving over 80 contractors and 200 sub-consultants. In 2005, CSA was the recipient of the Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers prestigious Excellence in Project Management award in recognition of our management of recovery efforts after four hurricanes devastated Florida.

In Haiti, CSA has been involved in multiple projects to help rebuild after the devastation caused by the 2010 Earthquake. Our work in Haiti has included rebuilding shelters, schools and roads as well as being part of the Olympic Sports for Hope facility built outside Port-au-Prince.

In New York, we were one of the many firms that had to vacate their office due to flooding when Hurricane Sandy hit. We quickly gathered resources for emergency assessments to evaluate impacted mechanical and electrical systems. We later joined the Program Management Team helping the New York City Housing Authority repair, renovate and improve resiliency thirty‐four New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) developments with flooded apartments, structural damage, mechanical and electrical systems, roofs and facades. Over 60,000 residents in 26,519 units were affected by this disaster. Also, as part of a Construction Management Team, CSA is performing and managing the permitting and design efforts of over 700 homes for the Build It Back program in Staten Island, New York.

Such emergency events call for a consultant that is well versed with the processes and activities related to natural disaster management as well as with the design capabilities to provide services in-house. At CSA, we have been honored to assist our communities in times of need and are proud of the services that our dedicated staff has provided to our clients.

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