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The hospitality industry focuses on maximizing the client’s satisfaction and revenues, with goals needing to be attained in the most cost effective manner. Once a high level of client satisfaction is achieved, this will lead to repeat clientele and revenues.

Owners have specific goals for their properties, from achieving a certain rating for their facility or incorporating rooms onto a dense casino gaming floor. Many properties are part of a national or international brand and every facility must be designed within corporate standards to ensure consistency of product and service.

At CSA Group, we have extensive experience designing A/E systems for hospitality facilities that include international restaurant franchises, institutional food service vendors, private clubs, hotels, resorts, spas, casinos/gaming and recreational facilities. We have designed new facilities and have provided creative solutions for many hospitality renovation projects, and strive to stretch our clients’ budgetary resources, increase their profitability and treat their investments as if they were our own.

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