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The Housing segment of CSA Group provides a comprehensive approach to the design of housing projects in both the public and private sectors; from low-income public housing to high-rise residential projects. In many cases, these high rise condos are mixed-use residential complexes, incorporating office, retail and residential units.

Our most recent work involves helping repair and replace all or portions of housing complexes and residential single family homes in New York, that were impacted by the catastrophic effects of Superstorm Sandy.

The foundation of our design process is listening to and learning from clients, their tenants and employees. Bringing these contributors to a common starting point, we strive to achieve all clients' project goals. Our professionals understand that the evolution of technology is immeasurable in today's housing projects, and they also understand that our clients require immense flexibility and efficiency and various levels of redundancy for every space… without sacrificing any attention to detail. That’s why our multidisciplinary design teams are committed to providing innovative designs and construction strategies that protect our clients' profits, providing them with safe, efficient and cost-effective living environments.

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