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Educational facilities function as more than learning environments. They must be safe, healthy, and must assist our students as they develop academically, physically, and emotionally in order to prepare them to be functioning, caring members of society. These buildings must be designed with the vision to accommodate current technologies, flexibility for growth/change, and designed with sustainability in mind.

  • Colleges & Universities: In order to understand the design challenges related to Colleges and Universities, you must take into consideration the social environment, research facilities of many kinds, and their importance as economic drivers. Universities undergo international competition to attract the best and brightest students, researchers, faculty and funding, and the physical environments promote collaboration, exploration, and creation.
  • PreK-12: We are committed to staying ahead of the learning curve in the dynamic changing environment of education, as well as science and technology design. Key issues such as classroom size, sustainable design, security, construction costs, building code changes or education technology are continually researched so that cutting edge solutions are provided. We understand that educational, as well as science and technology schools demand and deserve the highest quality of design, service and professional competency. Our goal is to achieve total satisfaction on every project, and our proven combination of track record, skills and experience make CSA Group uniquely qualified.

At CSA Group, we understand these challenges, and our full service A/E multidisciplinary team of professionals is leading the way in providing innovative solutions that include in-depth programming, site appropriate architecture, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing interiors and the integration of state-of-the-art technology and sustainable building design into our projects. Whether developing campus master plans, designing new buildings, or upgrading existing building systems and technology; our design team has the dedication and understanding of these academic facilities to bring these projects to a successful completion.

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