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CSA project earns coveted CEMEX award in International Competition photo

11/05/2008 CSA project earns coveted CEMEX award in International Competition

After winning the First Prize in the Infrastructure category in Puerto Rico\’s local program, the PR Convention Center District earned the Second Place in the CEMEX International Building Award representing the Puerto Rican talent in the International Competition. The International Edition awards projects in three categories: Housing, Institutional /Industrial, and Infrastructure. The Convention Center District competed in the Infrastructure Category.

The CEMEX BUILDING AWARD is a competition created and organized by CEMEX to recognize the best in construction throughout the world. Through this AWARD, CEMEX promotes a culture of continuous innovation in the building industry and recognizing the constructional talent of those who make the best works a reality, recognizing the best contemporary building works that stand out for its construction, conceptual, technical and esthetic solutions implemented. The event recognizes the efforts of all members of the construction teams presenting the different projects: the clients or promoters who conceived them; the architects and the engineers who planned them and the builders who made the projects a reality.

A book is published after each year’s award and these books represent a chronicle of the world’s recent construction, architecture and civil engineering. In this particular publication, readers will find information on the most outstanding works of very different kinds built throughout the world and registered as participants in the XVII Edition of the CEMEX BUILDING AWARD. The series of publications shows the best of the construction industry and the talent of professionals who seek to leave a mark through their projects. It represents a historical record of most outstanding contemporary buildings.

We invite you to review the CSA submission documents (in Spanish) - Memoria Descrptiva Distrito – 2008 04 30, Planilla-CEMEX-Distrito-061, slide show and video to give you a better understanding of the project.

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