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Puerto Rico triumphs in the CEMEX Works International Awards photo

01/07/2009 Puerto Rico triumphs in the CEMEX Works International Awards

Marketing is pleased to share the rough translation of an article from El Nuevo Día which highlights the the CEMEX 2008 awards and ceremony announced in this previous article.

Puerto Rico came away with two significant awards in the seventeenth annual CEMEX Works International Awards 2008 ceremony held in the city of Monterrey Mexico.

The winning Puerto Rican projects included second place in the Infrastructure category to the Puerto Rico Convention Center District and third place in the Commercial /Industrial category to the Julio Víctor Guzmán Urban Junior High School in San Germán.

The Puerto Rico Convention Center District second place award recognized the work of architect José A. Moreno, of CSA Architects and Engineers, as well as the work of engineer José Domingo Pérez, of Caribe Tecno, that managed the construction.

The third place award for the Julio Víctor Guzmán Urban Junior High School, recognized the work of architect Héctor Arce, of the firm Héctor Arce Arquitectos, and NLL Construction engineers Eduardo Martínez and Neftalí Lluch

“The awarded projects reflect a realistic snapshot of the evolving changes in construction that are taking place in Puerto Rico and throughout the world. Both projects highlight the incorporation of specialized technologies, with a focus on natural resources, higher efficiencies in energy consumption and the development of construction materials to respond to growing demands of citizen awareness towards sustainable and socially responsible construction technology and innovation”, commented engineer Leopoldo Navarro, President of CEMEX Puerto Rico. The two winning Puerto Rican works were recognized for their structure and architecture, as well as their urban and environmental interaction and contribution to development in the field of construction.

CEMEX Works International Awards, created in 1991, recognizes the creative work of the most prominent representatives of concrete construction in Latin America and the world. Additionally, the CEMEX Awards recognize the talent and vision of the architects and engineers responsible for the design and construction of the projects to show appreciation for the contribution they represent to the cultural, social and economic development of their communities. Visit CEMEX Puerto Rico or media center page for more about CEMEX.

This year’s competition evaluated 420 submissions from projects in Europe, North America, Asia and Latin America.

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