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CSA Becomes a Corporate Plus Member of NMSDC   photo

03/04/2011 CSA Becomes a Corporate Plus Member of NMSDC

In 2010, CSA Central Inc., and CSA Architects and Engineers, LLP received Corporate Plus designation with the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). Corporate Plus is a national membership program designed to recognize minority businesses certified with a NMSDC Council that have the capability to do business on a national level, have a proven track record of performance on national contracts, and can provide top quality products and services.

These companies are recognized as industry leaders and mentors who contribute to the growth and economic development of other minority business by establishing their own internal minority business development programs.

To gain access into the program, a minority business must be nominated by a National Corporate member of the National Minority Supplier Development Council. CSA was nominated by Wyndham Worldwide Corporation and was one of seven new members that gained Corporate Plus status in 2010. A total of 92 companies that have this designation reserved for the highest caliber minority business enterprises which have the proven capacity to handle national contracts for major corporations.

Corporate Plus is designed to not only recognize the recipient’s national capabilities but also to bring them to the attention of all National Corporate Members, expanding their participation in the NMSDC Network. The success of this program will raise the level and perception of minority businesses to national prominence in corporate America.

What are the benefits to CSA having a Corporate Plus designation?

  • Increases opportunities to expand contacts with National Corporate Members beyond the traditional networking sessions. National corporate members, include many of the Fortune 1000 companies.
  • Provides continuing national exposure of MBEs who have gone to the next level and are capable of meeting National Corporate Members' requirements on a national basis.
  • Creates more visibility to major corporations because of heightened awareness of National Corporate Plus® Members' capabilities through recommendations made by other major corporations.
  • Enhances abilities to positively influence growth and expansion of smaller MBEs by providing expertise and additional opportunities through internal minority business development programs.
  • Provides access to a full-time NMSDC Director of New Business Development who can provide on-going linkage to National Corporate Members who are seeking MBEs of Corporate Plus caliber.

This designation will enable us to continue to unlock the doors of business opportunity within the ranks of Corporate America for CSA and other minority firms.

Among NMSDC members, CSA has completed projects for the Disney Company, CBS Broadcasting, Philadelphia Eagles, Burger King, Prudential Financial, Inc., World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc ., Clear Channel Communications, and Wyndham Worldwide Corporation.

The NMSDC Network includes a national office in New York and 37 Regional Councils across the country. There are 3,500 corporate members throughout the network, including America’s top publicly-owned, privately-owned and foreign-owned companies as well as universities, hospitals and other buying institutions. The Regional Councils certify and match 16,000 minority-owned businesses with member corporations that want to purchase their goods and services.

George Herrera has been assisting CSA in developing plans to leverage the opportunities within the NMSDC network. Work is already in progress with a number of the NMSDC Corporate members that have been identified to specifically pursue to build relationships and investigate new potential opportunities. Some of those we have already met with include Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Target, Wyndham, Verizon, Best Buy, Bank of America, Lowes, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart.

The NMSDC exact replica website showcases the list of Corporate Plus members with links to their websites to encourage contact and provide new opportunities. We look forward to the successes this important organization can help CSA achieve in the future.

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