Caguas Regional Filtration Plant

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Puerto Rico Aqueduct & Sewer Authority (PRASA)


Caguas, Puerto Rico




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This project consists in expanding the capacity of the existing Caguas Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. The existing CRWWTP was placed into operation in 1996 and was permitted to treat a total of 12 MGD maximum monthly average and 20 MGD peak day flows. The expanded wastewater treatment plant would be capable of treating a maximum monthly average flow of 24 MGD and a maximum day flow of 40 MGD. Since the proposed expansion is designed in accordance with the original design, all proposed modifications and additions to the wastewater treatment plant would be undertaken within its existing property boundaries. The proposed modifications include the installation of new influent wastewater pumps with associated motor control centers and modulating valves. The new pumps allow the flow capacity of the plant to increase to a peak of 48 MGD. Installation of a new degritting tank with equipment and piping connected to existing plant facilities, and modification of the existing degritting systems to include new pumps and piping. The new degritting tank is rated at 20 MGD capacity. This project will facilitate the efficient treatment of current flows which occasionally exceed the permitted 12 MGD maximum monthly average limit; accommodate future anticipated increase in flows due to growth in the Caguas region; and build capacity for an anticipated increase in flow from PRASA's new sewer installations.

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