Cayey Regional Sanitary Sewer Plant Expansion

Cayey Regional Sanitary Sewer Plant Expansion photo

Puerto Rico Aqueduct & Sewer Authority (PRASA)


Cayey, Puerto Rico




Program Management

Construction Management

CSA is the East Region Program Manager for Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority’s Capital Improvement Program. As part of the program, the need to upgrade and expand the Cayey Regional Sanitary Sewer Plant was identified. The project consisted in increasing the daily flow capacity from 4.3 MGD to 9.5 MGD (up to a maximum flow of 14.5 MGD). The upgrade and expansion needed to:

  • Increase the treatment level from secondary to tertiary treatment
  • Construct a new pump station
  • Provide capacity to manage maximum flows of 20,140 gpm
  • Construct an electrical substation with an emergency generator
  • Remove biological nutrients
  • Provide tertiary filtration

Most of the communities in the Municipalities of Cayey and Cidra (totaling approximately 94,000 residents) will benefit from the project with the expansion plan expected to meet the supply demands up to the year 2050.

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