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CSA Group worked with the Puerto Rico Infrastructure Financing Authority (AFI) as Program Manager to oversee design and construction of a $1,800,000,000 program for improvements to the US Territory’s water and wastewater infrastructure. The program, which began in March 1998, was designed to alleviate a crisis situation in the island’s water supply and wastewater systems resulting from deteriorating infrastructure. The program encompassed these major elements:

  • Strategic projects totaling between $850,000,000 and $1,100,000,000 address some of the many pressing needs for new water and wastewater facilities in the US Territory. The goal was to design and construct 11 projects, eight aqueduct systems and three wastewater systems, in a five-year period.
  • Environmental compliance included maintaining secondary treatment waivers for six wastewater treatment plants, evaluating changing regulatory programs, recommending actions to avoid future compliance problems, and mitigating problems resulting from regulatory compliance issues at existing facilities.
  • Improvement Projects (IAPs) were those system fixes that could be initiated quickly to reduce water shortages, service interruptions, unsatisfactory water quality, and unsanitary conditions. Some 574 projects were identified for immediate action with a total construction value of nearly $100,000,000. About 1,000 projects were initiated over three years at an average construction cost of $200,000 totaling $200,000,000 in improvements.

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