Rio Blanco Off-Stream Reservoir

Rio Blanco Off-Stream Reservoir photo

Puerto Rico Aqueduct & Sewer Authority (PRASA)


Naguabo, Puerto Rico

Cost: $130,000,000


Bid Support & Value Engineering

Project Management

Contract Management

Construction Oversight

Quality Assurance


Engineering Consulting Environmental Assessment and Permits

Hydraulic Modeling & GIS

Community Relations

The Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority contracted CSA Group to provide project and construction management services for the Río Blanco Off-stream Reservoir and Intake Facilities Project. The project increased the raw water intake to accommodate the existing 18 MGD Río Blanco Water Treatment Plant. The project major components include:

Earthen Dam Embankment: An off-stream earthen dam on the east side of the Río Blanco floodplain with a normal pool (full reservoir), elevation of 28.75 meters and a maximum design flood elevation of 29.95 meters. The reservoir will have approximately 4.4,000,000 cubic meters of active storage. Ancillary work included pipelines from 42” to 66” diameter and Pump Stations

CSA’s value engineering and procurement management process resulted in a 15% reduction in capital investment.

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