Puerto Rico Water Recovery Analysis

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Puerto Rico Aqueduct & Sewer Authority (PRASA)


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The Puerto Rico Aqueduct & Sewer Authority (PRASA) has approximately 1,280,000 active accounts. Approximately 90% of those accounts are residential. In evaluating the 2010 Census, PRASA found that only about 74% of the residential housing units captured in the census were part of the current active accounts. A project was initiated to establish a clear database locating supply points to help reconcile this apparent gap. In the past, CSA worked with PRASA on the initial creation of their GIS system and we were contracted to assist PRASA with updating their system.

The project addresses the localization of its Supply Points (active and inactive accounts), and the standardization of the physical addresses. CSA provided services to incorporate over 510,000 accounts into the PRASA GIS system based on the addresses, reading units and sequences. Previously located points were also validated and corrected as needed. The work involved field visits and QA/QC verification of new and existing point locations as they were incorporated into the GIS system.

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