Cadastral Survey and Modeling of IDAAN’s Aqueduct And Sewer System Networks

Cadastral Survey and Modeling of IDAAN’s Aqueduct And Sewer System Networks photo





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The project consists in the cadastral survey of the aqueduct networks information for up to 15,000 corners and sewer networks for up to 3,000 sewer holes within IDAAN’s service area in each of the municipalities of the Central Provinces (Herrera, Los Santos, Veraguas and Coclé) which hold the 5 main potable water supply systems (Chitré, las Tablas, Santiago, Aguadulce and Penonomé), 9 medium-size aqueduct systems (Parita, Pesé, Ocú, Santa María, Soná, El Roble, Antón, Natá and Río Hato) and 54 additional systems supplied by underground water.

CSA Group was hired to conduct the cadastral survey of the aqueduct and sanitary sewer systems. Once the information was gathered, it was incorporated into the IDAAN database. We prepared 5 hydraulic mathematical models that were calibrated for the aqueduct systems of Chitré, Rufina Alfaro (Las Tablas), Aguadulce (Capellanía System), Penonomé and Santiago.

CSA Group executed of all the field and office tasks for gathering, organizing and linking to IDAAN’s Geographic Information System, and on site verification of each element of IDAAN’s aqueduct or sewer system in the Central Provinces. We also provided support for management of existing plans and assisted with incorporating the new information for preparation of the GIS and hydraulic modeling to provide mission-critical data used for risk-of-failure analysis, repair and replacement, capacity assessment, capital improvement planning, allowing systems to run more efficiently and effectively evaluate planned changes with minimal expenditure.

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