Picayune Strand Restoration Project Conservation Measures and Mitigation Plan

Picayune Strand Restoration Project Conservation Measures and Mitigation Plan photo

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The project consists of the restoration of the natural sheet flow of water through more than 55,000 acres of land, improving water quality and enhancing wetland ecosystems to protect numerous endangered species. It includes the installation of three pump stations on the primary canals to restore natural sheet flow of water across the site and to maintain existing levels of flood protection in residential areas. After the pump stations are operational, more than 40 miles of canals will be plugged to spread the water into adjacent wetlands and restore the natural habitat of numerous protected species and native plants. The project also includes the demolition of all manmade structures and more than 260 miles of roads.

The project scope included habitat restoration of 55k acres; 3 storm water pump stations (Merritt, 810 cfs*; Miller,1,250 cfs; Faka Union , 2,650 cfs); removal of 227 miles of roadway; placement of 83 canal plugs, seepage control features and spreader berm to protect privately-owned areas.

CSA provided Design and Construction Management for the Picayune Strand Restoration Project by the South Florida Water Management District.

(* cubic feet per second)

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