Philadelphia Water Department HVAC and Lighting Energy Audit

Philadelphia Water Department HVAC and Lighting Energy Audit photo

Black & Veatch


Philadelphia Water Department


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Est. Cost - $438,621

Est. savings/year - $123,869

Average payback – 3.2 year




Energy calculations

The objective of the project was to conduct a facility audit of the Bureau of Laboratory Services facility to identify ways to improve energy savings for the HVAC and electrical systems with recommendations provided for the required operational, short and long term changes to the equipment or facility to optimize energy efficiency.

CSA scope of Services for this project consisted of conducting a facility audit and generalized HVAC audit of:

Facility as-built HVAC, plumbing and electrical design; HVAC upgrade (2004) and Bailee Upgrade (2007).

Walk through survey of the facility with PWD staff at BLS, to understand and document the facility operations and the electrical load profile.

Identification of efficiency ratings from nameplate data and determination if more efficient equipment models are available.

Review of utility bills with a goal of uncovering major energy loss problems and provide recommendations for improvement actions

An evaluation report was prepared that included tabulation of input data obtained from PWD during site visits and used in analysis; on-site inspection results; summaries of analysis calculations completed as part of the audit; summary of recommended actions to achieve the maximum cost benefit in system energy savings and recommendations for improvements. Cost estimates for the corrective actions were also provided.

The final summary estimated the savings potential of up to $123,869 per year with an average payback of investment required of 3.2 years.

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