Arecibo Renewable Energy & Resource Recovery Facility

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Arecibo, Puerto Rico


$500 Million


Program Management



Land Acquisition


CSA has been the lead Environmental and Engineering Consultants to Puerto Rico’s first Waste – To Energy (WTE) project. An estimated $500 million dollar investment, this groundbreaking WTE will set the standard for renewable and sustainable energy projects in the Island. This project will help Puerto Rico diversify the energy production and manage the waste management crisis currently impacting the Island’s economic development.

The facility will be located in an abandoned brownfield site in Arecibo which was formerly used as a paper mill manufacturing plant. The WTE facility will process approximately 2,100 tons per day of municipal solid waste, produce approximately 80MW of renewable energy and recover approximately 280 tons of recyclable ferrous and non-ferrous material. The Plant will save the energy generation of approximately 110,000 gallons per day of fossil fuel as well as allow the orderly closure of landfills in the northern region of Puerto Rico.

With an expedited track to comply with the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and permitting, the CSA team met unprecedented goals and was successful in achieving a final EIS resolution in record time (4 months).

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