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Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority


San Juan, Puerto Rico




Construction Management

During the early stages of development of the electric power system in Puerto Rico, the Water Resources Authority at the time built many hydroelectric plants throughout Puerto Rico. The economic growth experienced in Puerto Rico from the 1950's to the 1970's, required fast-track construction of thermoelectric power plants. Consequently, hydroelectric power was relegated to second place in power production methods. However, the uncontrollable fluctuations of the fossil fuels market at present and the continuous population growth have brought hydroelectric power to the foreground.

In a location with considerable surface water resources, such as Puerto Rico, hydroelectric power generation can provide a reliable and renewable alternate source of energy.

PREPA currently operates 21 hydroelectric units located at 11 sites. Having control over most of the water resources and being the sole provider of hydroelectric power in the Island, PREPA expressed its interest in performing a study for optimization of the water energy resources in agreement with environmental constraints. In this context, CSA was contracted by PREPA to evaluate the potential for rehabilitation/modernization or expansion of the existing power generating facilities, active or inactive, in Puerto Rico. The project required intensive data collection and evaluation processes. The study results and recommendations identified the units and facilities with the highest yield potential once recommended retrofits and repairs were implemented.

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