Santa Isabel Wind Farm

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Pattern Energy


Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico


$250 Million


Program Management



Land Acquisition


The Santa Isabel Wind Farm Project is the first industrial scale wind farm to be built in Puerto Rico. The project will install up to 65 wind turbine generators (WTG) and associated foundations, access roads, a power collection system, transmission line, electrical substation, switch yard, operations and maintenance buildings and meteorological towers.

Pattern executed a Power Purchase and Operation Agreement (PPOA) with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), which established that the project could inject up to 75 MW to PREPA\'s transmission system.

The initial construction phase delivers installs 44 WTG with a nominal power generation capacity of generating 2,300 KW at 690 volts. Construction of WTGs at all 65 locations is dependent on additional power demands.

CSA was contracted to prepare studies to determine locations with optimum wind conditions and minimal impact to the environment of surrounding areas. Some of the parameters evaluated were wind speed, temperature, and altitude, availability of land, access to the proposed properties, and accessibility for connection to the electric power grid.

CSA also prepared an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) required per Puerto Rico Environmental Public Policy. CSA handled studies for the submission and attended public hearings and reviews with the Puerto Rico Environmental Quality Board to obtain approval. CSA was the Inspector of Record for the project.

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