Green Energy Fund Tier 1 and 2 Programs for Renewable Energy Projects

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Puerto Rico Energy Affairs Administration (PREAA)


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The Puerto Rico Energy Affairs Administration (PREAA) created the Office of Energy attached to the Governor’s office in 1979, with the objective of establishing a government agency responsible for the implementation of energy policies, strengthening energy security, environmental quality, and facilitating economic development in Puerto Rico. In 2008, the PREAA began working under the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, acquiring all powers, duties and functions to promote and encourage conservation and energy efficiency and, the integration of renewable and alternative energy sources.

One of the PREAA primary goals is to develop strategies to reduce Puerto Rico’s high dependency on fossil fuels, to address climate and environmental issues, promote competitiveness and industry development of energy conservation measures, and enforcing energy conservation and efficiency within the end use sector. PREAA is implementing a robust and efficient management program, capable of enabling the most effective operation and providing incentives for Renewable Energy (RE) projects in Puerto Rico.

The Green Energy Fund is divided into two tiers. Tier 1 projects – granted twice a year on a first come first served basis for projects up to 100 kW and Tier 2 projects – granted quarterly on a competitive basis for projects larger than 100 kW up to 1 MW.

CSA has been contracted to manage the rebate incentive program, under the Green Energy Funds (GEF) Tier 1 and 2 Programs for Renewable Energy projects and to support the PREAA by applying sound and proven program management practices to:

  • Optimize the use of available funding and expedite obligation to meet funding requirements
  • Optimize the economic stimulus resulting from the investment of Green Energy Funds
  • Ensure there is compliance with Federal and State regulations
  • Oversee the use of funds and advise PREAA regularly on the progress of the Program

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