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Puma Energy Caribe LLC.


Guaynabo, Puerto Rico




Environmental Services

PUMA is constructing a new Chiksan loading platform at the existing San Juan bulk liquid terminal, located in the Puerto Nuevo Bay, jurisdiction of the Autonomous Municipality of Guaynabo. The new platform, is comprised of 5 additional Chiksan loading arms, is to be positioned as an inline extension northwards of the original Chiksan loading platform. The structure will be similar in construction to the original Chiksan platform consisting of a fully braced jacket structure, from deck level to mud line level. The deck structure will consist of a traditional structural steel grillage with an in situ cast concrete deck. The platform structure was not designed for berthing forces, but will accommodate spring line mooring forces.

CSA was contracted to provide permitting services to construct a new Chiksan loading platform. Our services included coordination meetings, pre-consultation and lead agency selection, Environmental Studies, preparation of the Environmental Assessment, joint permit application; construction and operation permits and notifications and project management and administration.

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