PUMA Bayamon Site Analysis of Storm Sewer

PUMA Bayamon Site Analysis of Storm Sewer photo

Puma Energy Caribe LLC.


Bayamón, Puerto Rico





Hydrologic and Hydraulic Studies



Puma Energy Caribe LLC (Puma) is developing a 100 acre facility in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Due to recent site changes and existing storm sewer system problems, Puma contracted CSA to perform an analysis of the existing storm sewer system to identify deficiencies and areas of improvement to plan the future design.

CSA was contracted to perform civil services including site planning and preparation of a Stormwater Management Plan to provide the layout of proposed structures, paved areas, storm drainage pipes and structures; and other proposed site features and improvements including grading; stormwater drainage design for required stormwater runoff and hydraulic calculations; stormwater collector sewer design for conveyance to storm sewer system; site domestic sewer systems layout and design and required permitting documentation.

CSA was also contracted to perform periodic construction observation services, compliance reviews and field reports during the construction of the Storm Sewer Improvements project.

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