Santa Barbara Solar Photovoltaic 40 MW Park

Santa Barbara Solar Photovoltaic 40 MW Park photo

Hanwha - Solar Monkey


Carolina, Puerto Rico




Environmental studies Permitting

Project Management Support

Hanwha-Solar Monkey has selected a site in Carolina, Puerto Rico to build a 40MW Solar Park. The scope of work involves a variety of studies and the preparation of permitting requirements. CSA was contracted to provide

  • Pre-Consultation, Lead Agency Selection, and Coordination of Meetings for the Project EIS
  • Jurisdictional Wetland Determination, Hydrologic & Hydraulic , Noise Level, Access, *Socioeconomic, environmental justice, archeological, flora, and fauna studies
  • Siting Application and public hearing participation
  • USACE joint permit process and application, construction and operational permits.
  • Project schedule, coordination and progress reporting

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