Solar Farm Site Evaluations

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Ridgeline Energy, LLC (Division of Atlantic Power Corp)


Puerto Rico


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Site Inspection


Project Management

Ridgeline Energy, LLC a subsidiary of Atlantic Power Corporation, identified three (3) potential sites for solar farms in Puerto Rico. CSA assisted Ridgeline with establishing framework for selection of ideal sites. Three sites selected for review included Aguadilla (Moca), Las Piedras, and Vega Alta.

CSA effectively addressed the objectives of the site reviews utilizing preliminary environmental desktop site review of the three sites, field visits to validate the findings and developed an Initial interconnection analysis. We mapped the selected sites using our GIS database to evaluate usable site area and any alternative site boundaries. The assessment included a right of way analysis, wetlands, flood prone areas, cultural resources, preliminary topographic information, zoning identification, preliminary endangered species analysis and other environmental aspects.

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