Santa Cruz Solar

Santa Cruz Solar photo

Ridgeline Energy Solar, LLC


Dorado, Puerto Rico


$ 200,000,000


Coordination with regulatory agencies

Environmental Impact Statement /Studies

Engineering Support

Visual Impact Study

3D Rendering

This project consisted of the development of a 60 Mega Watts (MW) photovoltaic solar energy facility in two non-contiguous parcels. The project area covers approximately 575 acres and is located within a northern region of Puerto Rico with typical irregular limestone, sinkholes, underground streams, and caverns (karstic).

CSA scope of work included an Environmental Assessment and supporting studies to comply with Puerto Rico Permitting Management Office, Law 416, and the requirements of the Puerto Rico Environmental Quality Board Regulation for the evaluation and procedures of environmental documents. We also evaluated the potential social, economic and environmental impacts, evaluated several development alternatives, completing the EIS on a fast track schedule of three month.

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