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The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) installed an 115KV underground transmission cable loop in the San Juan Metropolitan Area to improve overall system reliability, especially during hurricanes and storms. The project started as an initiative of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that partially funded the PREPA implementation. FEMA\'s approval addressed the need to recover the full capacity of the electric system in Puerto Rico after an emergency (Hurricane).

The complete project consisted of four phases to connect substations at Monacillos Transmission Center, Hato Ray Transmission Center, the San Juan and Palo Seco Plants.

The evaluation of the complete 115KV underground cable route was the most important task performed early in the project with detailed soil studies and evaluations of constructability to decide the preferred cable route for the circuits. The length of the route for the 115KV underground project is approximately 30 miles running along the northeast sector of the island.

CSA evaluated routes and recommended the preferred alternatives based on a detailed analysis of engineering constraints, constructability, economics, topography, archaeological deposits, and environmental considerations for each phase. Our services included 50% design, requiring civil and electrical engineering, surveying, geotechnical, thermal resistance tests, feasibility direct drilling studies, route selection, Phase 1A and 1B archeological assessments and the required environmental permits.

CSA also assisted PREPA in pre-qualifying suppliers and contractors; provided technical support during bid evaluation, and post–award services. We provided quality assurance during cable manufacturing and testing, pre-commissioning, and as needed inspection services, field supervision, preparation of an O&M Manual, and on-site training.

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