Fuel Transmission Pipeline System from Phillips to Aguirre

Fuel Transmission Pipeline System from Phillips to Aguirre photo

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Route Selection

Engineering Design

Geographic Information Systems


Environmental Studies

H-H Studies

Land Acquisition Drawings & Appraisals

The Aguirre Thermoelectric Plant is the largest single-power generator facility in Puerto Rico. The plant depended exclusively on fuel oils for its power production received at the dock in Aguirre Bay. The bay is shallow, with a number of ecologically valuable coral reefs, eliminating the possibility of constructing an adequate navigation canal for larger ships to supply the required fuel to sustain the rated 1,500 megawatt capacity.

Project consisted of the development of the Fuel Transmission Pipeline System from the Phillips Petroleum Refinery to the Aguirre Power Complex. CSAs scope of work includes among other tasks the route selection, survey, environmental studies, design, H&H studies and land acquisition drawings and land appraisals.

The Project consisted of 2 pipelines within the same right of way, 1-20 inches for Fuel Oil No. 6, and 1-16 inches Fuel Oil No. 2. These pipes run from Phillips Petroleum Refinery in Guayama up to Aguirre Thermoelectric Plant in Salinas for 10 miles. The fuels are received at the Phillips Petroleum Refinery\'s pier, where vessels pump both fuels to the existing Phillips Petroleum Refinery\'s tanks. The fuels are then sent through a pump station to the existing fuel tanks at the Aguirre Thermoelectric Plant.

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