Mayaguez Power Plant Gas Turbines Replacement

Mayaguez Power Plant Gas Turbines Replacement photo

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority


Mayaguez, Puerto Rico






Environmental Studies

Construction Management

The Mayaguez Power Plant had four Gas Turbines rated to generate 20 MW/each that operated as peaking units, when needed. The objective of the project was to replace the existing units with new, more efficient units, without reducing the generating capacity at anytime during project implementation.

The project scope involved removal/demolition of portions of the plant facilities to facilitate the replacement of the four operating Gas Turbines; additional water treatment and storage capacity to accommodate the additional water needs for NOx control and maximizing generation capacity; new concrete slabs, with transformers and equipment controls were provided for the new turbines; and permits and endorsements from regulatory government agencies had to be obtained.

CSA provided conceptual engineering design for the total project site development, prepared the Environmental Assessment and permit applications required. We also provided demolition drawings and specifications, the Basis of Design, Equipment Specifications, Request for Proposal and bid evaluation and selection process assistance. CSA prepared the engineering design and provided supervision services for the construction of the new warehouse, shops and offices which replaced demolished facilities.

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