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Hurricane Recovery Program - FDOT District 4

Hurricane Recovery Program - FDOT District 4 photo

Florida Department of Transportation, District 4


District wide, Florida


$142 Million


Program Management

Construction Management

Construction Inspection

A total of 24 locations were identified for repair work as a part of this program of hurricane recovery work. All of these individual project locations were included in one construction plan set.

The Department required a set of roadway construction plan documents for the purpose of repairing storm damage along the U.S. 1/State Road 5 corridor in Monroe County. The damage consisted of erosion along the roadway front slope (caused by wave action during Hurricane Wilma), undermining of paved abutment slopes beneath bridges, and scour at bridge piers. The objective of the repairs was to restore all roadway and bridge areas to their original conditions and install additional slope protection where justified in order to prevent erosion during future storms

CSA provided numerous services including:

  • Computation of all roadway quantities separately for all 24 locations, prepared comp book, load quantities into TRNS*PORT system and prepared a construction cost estimate for the proposed roadway/bridge repair work.
  • Preparation of electronic specifications package and technical special provision for fabric-formed concrete riprap.
  • Conduction of one coordination meeting at the District office to review the proposed repair sites.
  • Provision of utility coordination for approximately five (5) UAOs. CSA identified all affected UAOs and provided contact names, numbers and addresses on the roadway plans.

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