Disaster Recovery

FEMA-funded Infrastructure Repairs

FEMA-funded Infrastructure Repairs photo

Miami-Dade County Public Works Department


Miami-Dade County

Total Project Cost:

$800 Million


Overall Program Management

Construction Engineering

Road Restoration

Drainage Replacement

Culvert Cleaning/Replacement

Canal Dredging

Roadway Design

This project consisted of a recovery program for the replacement and upgrade of roadways and drainage systems at over 3,000 sites in Miami-Dade County, damaged during Hurricane Irene and the No-Name Storm.

The repairs ranged from simple roadway resurfacing to full roadway reconstruction and drainage improvements. The engineering design process began with the inspection of each individual site which allowed the determination of whether resurfacing or reconstruction was the appropriate required scope of work, as well as making a preliminary evaluation of the hazard mitigation measures that could be implemented at a particular site. The design process required coordination with the following disciplines: geotechnical consultants, utilities, DERM (permitting), other County design programs, and survey work.

CSA Group was retained by the County at the beginning of the program to provide a complete solution which included a procurement plan for consultant and contractors, the development of design standards, engineering design, construction administration, and coordination of projects. CSA Group was responsible for developing all the program guidelines and procedures and the administration and coordination of over 160 firms that participated in the program, including designers, geotechnical consultants, surveyors and contractors. Services included construction engineering and inspection services of drainage system cleaning, road restoration, drainage replacement, culvert cleaning/replacement, canal dredging, roadway design and surveying services.

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