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Sandy Resiliency & Renewal Long Term Repair Program

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Hurricane Sandy seriously impacted thirty‐four New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) developments, flooding apartments, affecting structures, mechanical and electrical systems, roofs and facades. Over 60,000 residents in 26,519 units were affected by this disaster. Following the initial response, NYCHA developed a permanent restoration work plan and, in March 2014, created a Program Management Office (PMO) to manage its execution. Work was classified according to the type of repairs:

  • Replace/repair in kind
  • Replace/repair incorporating mitigation measures
  • Replacement with resilient solutions
  • Creative/innovative resilient design incorporating energy savings measures

NYCHA’s budget for the program totals $3.7b, with funding from FEMA, HUD (CDBG-DR) and Insurance sources. Key projects include:

  • Design and Construction of Permanent Repairs projects in the 34 developments
  • Replacement of emergency boilers with temporary, cost efficient boilers
  • Repairs to over 300 flooded first floor apartments
  • Assessment & cleanup of flooded crawl spaces

CB&I, working jointly with CSA Group and Hagerty Consulting, have been retained by NYCHA to perform the Program Management of this large endeavor.

NYCHA established the Hurricane Sandy Permanent Repairs PMO in March, 2014 to manage the program activities; these include overall program management, design oversight, procurement, construction management, financial management, and community outreach.

CSA resources are assisting in the following areas:

  • Program Management: Assists the CB&I program manager in the execution of all program areas, including standing up of the PMO organization, critical environmental assessment effort, industry outreach efforts and risk management activities.
  • Procurement Management: CSA personnel support the NYCHA procurement division in competitive bid processes, accounts payable, contract awards and administration.
  • Design: As Owner’s Representatives for NYCHA, CSA coordinators manage designs performed by design consultants competitively selected by NYCHA. CSA provides technical reviews/ recommendations, progress schedules and evaluates costs estimates.
  • Construction Management: CSA supports CBI in Construction Management oversight functions for projects performed by construction contractors competitively selected by NYCHA. CSA personnel monitor progress, schedules and budgets.
  • Community Outreach: CSA personnel lead the coordination and communication with residents and stakeholders of properties impacted by the program.
  • Grants Management: CSA personnel support the PMO Funding group in the cost estimating, documentation, reporting and negotiation efforts for the 428 FEMA grant.

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