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BPCPC Hot Water Circulating Pumps Investigation & Temporary Chiller

BPCPC Hot Water Circulating Pumps Investigation & Temporary Chiller photo

KS Engineers, PC


Hugh L. Carey Battery Park City Authority


New York, New York


Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Design

Construction Support Services

During the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, CSA Group was contracted to conduct a walkthrough of the project site and attend meetings with stakeholders for evaluation of solutions related to building mechanical systems that needed to be resolved on an emergency basis. This work included:

  • Investigation of 2 main hot water circulating pumps that were malfunctioning and not supplying the building with heat during the winter months following Hurricane Sandy.
  • CSA investigated and reported the possible factors causing motor wiring to overheat and both motors to fail. The investigation determined the Incorrect VFD operation and settings since the units had not been properly commissioned; usage greater than designed pump head and motor leads were connected to the #4 CU conductors with wire nuts not rated for amps they were using.
  • Review of detailed equipment specs for a rental chiller unit for temporary placement in the building.
  • CSA confirmed required 64-ton unit was required to adequately meet expected cooling load, prepared sketches for modifications to HVAC system to accommodate rental unit connection, and prepared sketches for electrical work to provide one 400A service connection to power rental chiller

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