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Prince George’s County Coastal Flood Risk Reduction Program

Prince George’s County Coastal Flood Risk Reduction Program photo

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Prince George’s County Department of the Environment


Prince George’s County, Maryland





Prince George’s County introduced this Program to reduce the risk of coastal flooding which negatively affects the Coastal Overlay Zone’s (COZ) environment, critical facilities, and population. The effort will is focused on improving the mapping process by identifying and analyzing current and future flood risk, conducting a flood depth risk analysis, and developing a GIS base map of the COZ. 

The base map and data will be utilized to update the hazard mitigation plan for 2017 and for subsequent mitigation strategies for significantly impacted critical structures.  CSA is organizing available data to produce the final GIS base map, in coordination with County staff and local communities within the COZ areas. 

The enhancement of the Coastal Overlay Zone (COZ) documentation will identify and map the COZ using newly available data, including flood maps. This effort will help the County mitigate and significantly reduce threats to life and destruction of property through preparing COZ special area management plans, hazard mitigation, evacuation and shelter plans. Subsequent work will be done to review and update procedures and ordinances to protect the COZ environment from pollution and better manage area usage.

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