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Restoration and Rehabilitation of Tunnel and Brooklyn Plaza at Hugh L. Carey Tunnel

Restoration and Rehabilitation of Tunnel and Brooklyn Plaza at Hugh L. Carey Tunnel   photo

MTA-TBTA/ HAKS Engineers, Architects and Land Surveyors


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Mechanical and Electrical Inspection

This is a 4-year construction project to rehabilitate the tunnel and Brooklyn Plaza at the Hugh L. Carey (formerly Brooklyn Battery) Tunnel. The project is partially funded through a FEMA grant for Hurricane Sandy-related repairs to make modifications to prevent damage to the tunnel should there be future flood events. Additional work included in this project is part of previously planned improvements under the MTA Bridge & Tunnel Capital Budget. The overall scope includes:

  • Replacing all traffic control and communications systems
  • Replacing all lighting systems, incorporating the use of new LED light fixtures and emergency way-finding safety lights
  • Replacing the drainage pump and fire line systems
  • Replacing tunnel wall tiles, ceiling finishes, catwalks and duct banks
  • Rehabilitation of tunnel curbs and gutters
  • Repaving of tunnel roadways
  • Rehabilitation of the Brooklyn toll plaza to improve traffic flow

Our inspectors accomplish the work on a schedule that is primarily off peak hours, nights and weekends when limited tunnel outages are typically available to the contractors. CSA is providing mechanical, electrical (low voltage) and fire protection construction inspection services. Our inspectors are responsible for:

  • Recording construction progress through daily reports and daily computations of work performed
  • Coordinating with the construction contractor, client, utilities and other agencies
  • Observing and conducting visual inspection of materials, equipment and supplies delivered to the project site
  • Monitoring, and if necessary, rejecting work that is unsatisfactory, faulty, defective, damaged, or otherwise non-compliant with the construction contract documents
  • Preparing sketches and revisions to drawings as necessary, to resolve unforeseen, actual, field conditions encountered
  • Preparing intermediate and final deficiency lists (punch-lists)

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