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The ARRA Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), under the United States Department of Energy (DOE), provides assistance to low income families and

individuals to reduce energy consumption and residential energy costs through procurement of equipment and weatherization of homes. In partnership with the Puerto Rico Infrastructure Financing Authority (PRIFA) CSA Group provides program management for the overall ARRA Program.

The WAP Program is administered in Puerto Rico by the Energy Affairs Administration (EAA), acting as the Grantee under ARRA. CSA has provided technical, compliance and operational support for the Weatherization Program. As a new challenge for Puerto Rico, many of the initial processes and procedures had to be developed.

CSA provided services including:

  • Ramp Up – Program Master Planning, identification & qualification of staff, operational manual, audit tools, schedules
  • Intake – assessment of recipient eligibility, outreach material, database set up and initial population
  • Procurement – solicitation of bids to leverage bulk pricing & insure sufficient availability to meet schedule , request for qualifications for auditors, inspectors, and general contractors
  • Training - Certify auditors, contractors, and field monitors, “Train the trainers” strategy for future trainings
  • Energy Audits – qualify, equip & subcontract and monitor Energy Auditor staff
  • Construction and Inspection – qualify general contractors, subcontract inspectors to accelerate recruitment and
  • Compliance monitoring, reporting support and document management

The CSA ARRA Program Team provides a comprehensive approach focused on efficient and cost effective services to optimize funding utilization within aggressive time constraints of the weatherization Assistance Program.

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