WSSC Office Utilization, Furniture Standards & Parking Expansion Study

WSSC Office Utilization, Furniture Standards & Parking Expansion Study photo

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)




Study Only ($ 999,943)


Architectural Space Planning

Civil Engineering Planning for Parking at the facilities

Engineering Cost Projections for Expansion / Upgrade

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (“WSSC” or the “Commission”) owns and operates fourteen facilities in Montgomery County, Maryland and Prince George’s County, Maryland. The purpose of this study is to document and analyze the existing conditions of all WSSC facilities to make recommendations for improvement of office space utilization, furniture standardization, and parking. This study will evaluate WSSC’s practices for space utilization and compare them with standards used for similar commercial facilities, determining the most effective and efficient use of existing office space and parking. The study will examine the standardization of furniture at WSSC facilities. The study will identify best practices to be implemented at the staffed and unstaffed facilities, and will address future expansion needs resulting from personnel transfer, abandonment of sites, sale of existing facilities, and replacement of sold facilities.

CSA is the contract Prime with a team of subconsultants to provide specialty skills, while meeting the client SLMBE goals. We are responsible for proper coordination of activities from all parties involved to accomplish the successful completion of this contract. The scope of services include: building assessment of each facility; programming assessment; development of Office Space Standards & Parking Standards; development of plans for utilization studies; preparation of summary report and presentation to WSSC Executive Management & Commissioners; Project Management services including scheduling and cost control reports, project work plans, monthly status reports, QA/QC submittal reports, and monitoring and updating information on the project website.

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