Park Row Pedestrian Bridge

Park Row Pedestrian Bridge photo

Weidlinger Associates, Inc.


New York City, NY




Architecture Design

CSA was retained to provide the architectural design, construction documents and construction administration for the design of a new pedestrian structure to connect Park Row to the existing overpass at One Police Plaza.  This project will improve pedestrian circulation and create a landscape setting that will promote pedestrian safety, improve lighting and way-finding, and enhance the appearance of the area. 

The project includes the area bounded by Pearl Street to the East and the existing Police Headquarters’ overpass to the West. The pedestrian structure will be approximately 275 feet and will be designed to comply with ADA and any other codes having jurisdiction. The pedestrian structure is divided into two main components; the on grade ramp and the bridge component. 

The site presents architectural challenges, as the architectural character of the area is very diverse. Our goal was to create a simple design with the purpose of enhancing the area while providing a safe pedestrian connection from the Police plaza to Pearl St. With the Brooklyn Bridge as an inspiration, we brought tension cable element into our design.

The bridge will be composed of the simple lines as in the ramp and it will be supported by six Architectural piers that will support the ramp spans using tension wires. The tension wires reduce the mass of the pier that will be required if we just use a cantilever. The piers will appear as beacons showing the path to the pedestrians that approach the area. As they walk up and down the ramp they will be able to experience views of the Police Plaza, the new landscape area of Park Row and Chatham Square.

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