Philadelphia Criminal Justice Center Chiller and Boiler Replacement

 Philadelphia Criminal Justice Center Chiller and Boiler Replacement  photo

City of Philadelphia - Department of Public Property


Philadelphia, PA




Structural Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

CSA Group (CSA) provided full engineering services to assess six existing absorption chillers to ensure their meeting the new additional chilled water requirements and to supply adjacent City Hall and Municipal buildings, without interrupting operations of this 12-story, 410,000 SF Criminal Justice Center’s court operations. The project included replacement of two existing absorption chillers was recommended during the heating season with two new energy efficient duplex compressors of 1,660 ton centrifugal chillers for total 3,320 ton cooling load.

Two absorption chillers were demolished and removed from the 12th floor penthouse chiller room and the new duplex centrifugal chillers were lifted from the street level to the penthouse by crane. During renovation, two electrical power distribution and control systems were also replaced, in stages, with state-of-the-art electronic/digital control system with new remote control building energy management systems. CSA also recommended the repair and upgrade of the cooling tower and chilled water distribution system.

Our electrical scope included the demolition and switchgear feeds to new chillers, new upgraded chilled water pumps and associated controls. We coordinated building electrical shut downs with managements to ensure minimal disturbance with daily activity and completed the replacement of three 7 million BTU /HR hot water boilers under construction.

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