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The original Children's Hospital building dates back to 1950 when construction was completed on the first two floors. Later in 1961, construction began for the third and fourth floors. The building is still active, providing health care services to Panamanian children but after sixty-one years of operation, the facility is showing signs of deterioration; developing signs of visible cracks in structural elements. Although the presence of cracks does not necessarily mean imminent danger of structural elements, it is necessary to assess the causes of the cracks and the impact they may have on the safety and durability of the structure. The Ministry of Health asked CSA for a comprehensive structural analysis of the original Children's Hospital building, to support decisions regarding cost-benefit of facility repairs and security of the structure.

CSA performed an emergency visit to perform visual inspection and obtain data for an initial report and recommendations for immediate action. We performed non-destructive/invasive tests to identify the building structural elements and completed a structural analysis using the gathered information. A final safety recommendations report was provided which showed the hospital did not meet the minimum acceptable safety levels established by Panama building codes and that beams and columns did not meet the minimum reinforcement requirements for earthquake resistant elements. Immediate reduction of loads on slabs was recommended to address areas showing visible stress exceeding design capacity while ongoing solutions were developed.

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