San Miguel Resort Environmental Impact Statement

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San Miguel Luquillo Partners


Luquillo, Puerto Rico




Environmental Impact Statement

Environmental Studies

Environmental Planning


CSA was contracted by San Miguel Luquillo Partners to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the San Miguel Four Seasons Resort project.

The resort development includes the construction of a resort hotel, hotel villas, beach facilities, tennis complex, 18-hole golf course and the necessary infrastructure (access roads, wastewater treatment plant, water mains, etc.).

The most outstanding feature of this project is not only the conservation but the enhancement of the natural resources in its surroundings. The project proposes conservation zones and protection activities managed through integral plan for the care of these resources. This effort includes obtaining the Community Wildlife Habitat Certification and participating in the Audubon International Signature Cooperative Program for Golf Courses. The project includes the development and implementation of management plans for the wetlands, rivers, sand dunes, and wildlife on the property, in coordination with the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources.

In addition to the EIS, CSA services included (1) conducting the following studies: Phase 1B Archeological Study; Validation of Flora and Fauna Study for San Miguel Resort Project Area; Flora and Fauna; Wetland Rapid Assessment Procedure (WRAP); Aquatic Flora and Fauna Study; Noise Level Study; Socioeconomic and Environmental Justice Study; and Juan Martin River Hydrological & Hydraulic Study; (2) preparing the US Corps of Engineers permits; and (3) providing local planning and engineering information, coordination and analysis for the project Master Plan; (4) preparing other applicable permit applications necessary for the construction of Phase I of the project.

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