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As a result of the January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti, millions were displaced from their homes throughout Port-Au-Prince. In an effort to provide shelter for displaced citizens in locations with employment opportunities, the USAID is working with the Government of Haiti to provide housing alternatives in the Port-au-Prince, St. Marc, and Cap-Haitian Development Corridors.

The Haiti Shelter program plans to design and build approximately 5,000 residential units in six different sites in primarily rural areas of the Cap Haitian Corridor. Once completed, the plan is to provide housing, a recreational area and schools with a goal of providing a sense of home and belonging to the community that has been affected by the earthquake for so long.

CSA reviewed previous Master Plans developed for six sites in the Cap Haitian Corridor. Each site includes retail, education, religious and park areas. Each site infrastructure design includes grading, drainage, water distribution, sanitary system, solar powered light fixtures, rain harvesting containers and roadway geometry. CSA also prepared construction documents for the housing units to be constructed by partner organizations of USAID in each site.

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