Jardines De Mayagüez

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Picerne Development Corporation


Mayagüez, Puerto Rico




Project Management

Architecture and Engineering Design Environmental Studies

and Permitting,

Services during Construction

Picerne Development Corporation portfolio of properties in Puerto Rico includes rehabilitation of public housing projects for conversion to social interest rental housing. In expanding this product, Picerne acquired the former Jardines de Mayaguez housing project.

The conversion included transforming the 200 apartments, built in 1971 in 13 four-story buildings and providing solutions for existing infrastructure problems, which included sanitary sewer backflow and stormwater flooding problems imposed into the site by subsequent development and a the low elevation of the site.

CSA conducted a comprehensive apartment survey and due diligence effort, determining that the apartments required complete rehabilitation including, asbestos removal, accessibility and other codes compliance upgrades, and an update of the building finishes.

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