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Picerne Real Estate Group


Mayagüez, Puerto Rico







CSA is working with Picerne Real Estate Group in the development project of the 2010 Central American Games Athlete’s Village, in a joint effort with the Department of Housing of Puerto Rico. The project includes the design and development of the CAC Village, in compliance with the programmatic requirements for the hosting of the sports event and the eventual use as a residential community. The preliminary program requires 385 3-BR apartments, and over 70,000 square feet of ancillary facilities on two parcels of 11 and 15 “cuerdas”. The CAC Village consists of two discrete components: the Residential Zone and the International Zone; the Residential Zone comprises the living quarters and related functions, while the International Zone includes Village support functions necessary for the 2010 sports event.

CSA and Picerne scope of services include: Project Programming and Definition, Design Services for Residential Compound, Design Services for Non-Residential (Support Facilities), Assistance in the Application for Permits, and Bid Support.

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