Hacienda San Jose Residential Development

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Levitt Homes Builders Corporation


Caguas, Puerto Rico




Site Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Permitting

Construction Permits

CSA was contracted to provide site and utilities engineering and environmental services for the Hacienda San José development. The development has approximately 1,700 units constructed on 362 acres of land in the Municipality of Caguas. The site plan was tailored to the particular topography, soils, waterways and natural vegetation of the site. The goal of the development plan was to reduce potential impact to the earth curst and minimizes the removal of vegetation.

In addition, CSA prepared the Environmental Impact Statement and related studies for the residential development. An erosion and sediment control plan with both temporary and permanent measures, was designed to protect both disturbed and undisturbed areas from increased volumes of storm runoff, higher peak flows and to maintain or improve water quality. CSA applied better "soil erosion" control practices as a first line of defense against on-site and off-site damage and implemented a thorough maintenance and follow-up operation.

CSA coordinated the environmental permits for the project and supervised the implementation of safety procedures, prior and during construction, monitored safety performance, and noncompliance situations with project supervisory personnel.

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