Luis Munoz Marin International Airport Capacity Enhancement Program

Luis Munoz Marin International Airport Capacity Enhancement Program  photo

Interlink-Hunt Joint Venture, LLC


Puerto Rico Ports Authority


San Juan, Puerto Rico








Environmental Studies (lead & asbestos)


Aerostar Airport Holdings LLC (“Aerostar”) was awarded a 40-year lease by the Puerto Rico Port Authority (“PRPA”) for the operation of Luis Munoz Marin International Airport (“SJU”) in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As part of the use agreement between the signatory airlines at SJU and Aerostar, a Capacity Enhancement Program (CEP) was established that is comprised of airfield, landside and terminal projects that enhance the safety, security and capacity of the airport.

CSA along with Hunt International and Interlink were awarded this contract consisting of three key phases:

  • Phase 1: Terminal D and Concourse D reconfiguration as swing space
  • Phase 2 :
  • Relocation of USDA; reconfiguration of the ticketing lobby and Air Traffic Operations space; lower level operations updates; new customs and hold rooms; refurbishment/re-placement of the passenger loading bridges
  • Terminal A upgrades to relocate/update Commuter check-in/ gate updates; security checkpoint expansion ; vertical circulation updates
  • Concourse B renovation and passenger loading bridge rehabilitation
  • Terminal D vertical circulation between customs hold room and apron; and secure connector from Terminal A to Federal Inspection Services area.
  • Phase 3: consists of Concourse C renovation and rehabilitation of passenger loading bridges.

 The Interlink-Hunt Joined Venture was awarded the contract. CSA Group together with Jacobs Engineering is leading the Design Team.

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