Miami International Airport Continuing Services

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Miami-Dade Aviation Department


Miami, Florida




Assessment of required building repairs/upgrades

ADA upgrades

Parking lot drainage issue resolution

Fire Sprinkler System

CSA was contracted under this multi-year On-Call contract to address as needed task orders for airport administrative and maintenance buildings. Example task orders included:

  • Building 700, 702, 707,708 Miscellaneous Repairs included the preparation, patching, carpeting and painting. Building 702 repairs and upgrades included a new kitchenette with electrical outlets and appliances. Building 708 repairs included resolving leak issue with existing building expansion joint and upgrade of area airfield lighting at the Western U airside of Tampa Cargo (Doors 1 thru 16).
  • Building 704 Miscellaneous Repairs - Correction of ponding water between the visitors and employees parking and addition of a concrete sidewalk. Work included upgrades to existing male and female toilet rooms to comply with current ADA guidelines and fire sprinkler system for 8,000 sf Ground Support Equipment Maintenance Shop.
  • Building 705 Mid-Field Fuel Facility Building – Repair/upgrade scope included painting, addition of concrete island curb and repair of existing roof leaks (approximately 11,000 sf).
  • Building 845 Miscellaneous Repairs - Repair of the uprooted concrete sidewalk at the parking area. The scope of work also included division of the existing office Suite 202 into three independent office suites with independent entrances as well as the division of Suite 249 into two independent office suites. The suspended acoustical tile ceiling was replaced along with lighting, HVAC, flooring, automatic fire sprinkler and fire alarm, double hollow metal door and frame at airside with new hollow metal door, frame and card reader. A new chain link fence was installed to create a secured storage area.
  • Building 863 Miscellaneous Repairs – included preparation, patching and painting, door replacement and relocation of electrical and fire alarm systems.

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