Miami International Airport Parking Lots

Miami International Airport Parking Lots  photo

Miami-Dade Aviation Department


Miami, Florida




Civil Engineering

CSA Group was responsible for the drainage improvements of the existing parking lots for Building 3040, 3050 and 704 which included a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan outlining Best Management Practices for protection of existing systems and surrounding areas. The work included milling and resurfacing and all connections to outfalls.

CSA Group was also responsible for the 100% design of the geometry, paving, grading, drainage and permitting for the N.W. 36th Street & N.W. 49th Avenue parking lot lying on the southeast corner of the intersection. A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and Best Management Practices were designed for the proposed exfiltration drainage system and protection of the surrounding areas.

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