Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport HMS Diversity Consultant

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport HMS Diversity Consultant  photo

HMS Host


Atlanta, Georgia




DBE Outreach

Qualification Package Evaluation, Rating and Recommendation

DBE Compliance Monitoring

HMS host has a large number of concessions and retail establishments in the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Their 2012 plans include a large number of projects in Concourse C, E and the Atrium. CSA was contracted as HMSHOST’s Diversity Consultant to assist with Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certification for local firms pursuing work at the airport. The DBE Outreach involved planning outreach events and associated advertising, preparation of presentations, coordinating logistics, and conducting post-event follow up.

Our qualification package evaluation tasks included developing the application template and setting up the process for reviewing the packages, assigning a rating and making recommendations to HMSHost. The DBE compliance piece of the work involved making sure that selected General Contractors met their DBE obligations as reflected in Letters of Interest submitted with bids, and working with the GC’s to resolve any issues involving DBEs.

CSA developed a qualification process to conduct GC Qualification reviews, AIA form A305 evaluations, evaluated restaurant and airport experience, bonding and insurance requirements, plan disbursement to pre-qualified firms, participated in pre-construction meetings, assisted with separate equipment, signage, and millwork packages, coordinated with GC to provide escorts for host vendors, ensured price included DOA approval, received and reviewed GC bids, developed instruction for bid submittals, third party auditor/analyst reviews for compliance and established an ongoing compliance monitoring process to be deployed following selections.

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