Transportation Security Administration – Nationwide Security Rollout Contract

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Site reconfiguration design analysis

Following the 9/11 attacks, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) charter required the expedited rollout of new federalized airport security measures at 438 airports across the U.S. and its territories by October 30, 2002. CSA Group, as part of the Security Rollout Contract team under Lockheed Martin/KPMG, quickly deployed staff to assist TSA in accomplishing this goal. Overall, the work involved discrete procedures, tailored to individual airports, and affected security for passenger screening. Passenger screening lanes at security checkpoints inside airports were reconfigured; and screening equipment was either upgraded or replaced. The team also provided logistics and orientation support.

Our work started with the initial necessary research and assessment of existing airport facilities for the federalization of passenger security screening and/or baggage screening checkpoints. CSA Group’s involvement in the entire safety rollout process included a site survey to determine the best design of the checkpoints and baggage screening areas, the checkpoint and baggage screening reconfiguration to best facilitate security and safety of the flying public and the deployment of a general screening workforce. CSA’s Security Rollout Contract team was part of the effort at 42 airports in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.

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