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This new 167,000 SF high school building with a student capacity of 850 is currently under construction. Spaces for the high school include 30 (9th -12th grade) general classrooms, four special education classrooms, two classrooms for small group instruction, library, gymnasium complex, a dance/aerobics studio, instrumental/vocal music room, cafeteria, auditorium, media center, TV Studio, art room, science labs, fitness center, computer room, faculty space and swimming pool. The swimming pool is strategically located for community and educational purposes. Interesting features include a music room, which opens into an outdoor performance space for school and community use.

The five-acre athletic complex includes a full-sized soccer, football, baseball and softball fields. These are located in a 400 SF X 450 SF area with a 350-seat bleacher building and concession area. These fields are complete with an all-weather track with lower-level track lighting designed for evening use. Three tennis courts were also included as part of the design for the school's athletic program. Parking is available for community use during sporting events and for general recreation. All of these athletic facilities are available for community use.

MDM provided heating, ventilation, air conditioning, automatic temperature control, electrical service, power and lighting, emergency power, fire alarm system, public address system, clock system, security system, plumbing, fire protection, and LEED®. MDM will be providing third-party commissioning services as this building is currently under construction.

MDM PC, Consulting Engineers, a CSA Group company, analyzed all available practical options and presented the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Each option was studied for its first cost and annual energy and maintenance costs, its maintenance requirements, reliability, health related issues, centralization of services, ecological issues, sustainable building design features and any other considerations to make the building a superior and safe educational facility and made recommendations accordingly.

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